``In your life, when the things I describe in this book happen to you, ask yourself what you need to learn from this experience. Don’t be afraid to ask, and when you do, you can discover the exhilaration and miracles that happen when you open your heart to your life.``

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Rich Life

A Memoir by Richard Holland

Table of Contents


Dedication to Ariya


Chapter 1: A Four O Sailor: Living for Opportunity, not Security

Chapter 2: An Inner Voice Made Clear in Japan (The Dead End Trap in Pennsylvania)

Chapter 3: Dangers on the Boat

Chapter 4: Guam Romance

Chapter 5: Presenting My Credentials as a Civilian in Japan is No Easy Matter

Chapter 6: An English Student obsessed wth James Brown

Chapter 7: (Under the Influence of Raul) Learning to Breathe

Chapter 8: Rich Life Begins with a Spiritual Journey

Chapter 9: A Wedding with Divine Intervention

Chapter 10: A Hawaiian Honeymoon and First Dolphin Encounter

Chapter 11: Ariya Leads Us Back to Maui

Chapter 12: The Tokyo House Husband

Chapter 13: Meeting the Master of the Flower of Life

Chapter 14: Close Encounters with the Translators of Shirley’s books

Chapter 15: From Dr. Fritz’s clinic to Paulo Coelho’s Kitchen

Chapter 16: Why Would Any Sane Person Leave Tokyo for Maui

Chapter 17: The House Guest Who Could See All the Way to Brazil

Chapter 18: The Dolphins Tell Terry Who is the Chosen One

Chapter 19: From a Showdown at Makua Beach to the Governor’s Mansion

Chapter 20: Trading Places: The Working Wife and the House Husband

Chapter 21: My Twin Sister Robin Takes Charge of the Hawaiian Rainbow

Chapter 22: A Woman Who Could Accept Me As I Am

Chapter 23: Desperate for a Boat, It’s Amazing What Your Imagination Can Create

Chapter 24: A Wedding on the Deck

Chapter 25: How Superwoman Earned Her Name

Chapter 26: Leaving Maui for Oahu, Ariya One and Ariya Two

Chapter 27: Ariya, the Jewel of the Harbor

Chapter 28: A Mellowed Gaijin Returns to Japan

Epilogue: Rescued by the Angel in the White Hat



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